Music is for All Ages

So I ran into an old student the other day. Cash at Provo Window Washing. It was good to see him. We chatted about how he was doing.

A few days later he walked in and decided that he wanted to take a refresher. I was super excited for him.

Even though the people who have more years under their belt have busier lives it does not mean that you are too old to learn or get better. Sure it can be more work and you do not have your mom to nag you to practice every day. It just makes it that much more rewarding when you learn the hard song that you love.

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4 Ways People in Utah Learn Music in Secret


In days where just about anyone has a chance to be discovered on YouTube, dreams of being the next big rockstar are more realistic than ever. The success of American Idol and similar shows is defines a new era in which the power to achieve star status has been granted to the average person – that is, if they have the skills and can put up with flak from judges like Simon.

Those who have enough drive can overcome the naysayers, tell the ‘haters’ where to go, wow the audience, and win. Still, not everybody makes it. Although access to opportunity is now freely given, nothing has changed about the fact that success in music requires skill. After all, you wouldn’t want to be yet another music star exposed by the paparazzi for lip syncing, right?

Improving skill is another thing that has become easier in modern times. If your parents think you should stick to getting a ‘day job’ and the dog howls whenever he hears you sing, you can do something about it – and you can do it in private so as to avoid being patronized about it. Imagine their surprise when your vocal talents make even Adele seem like yesterday’s news.

4 Ways People in Utah Learn Music in Secret:

  1. Software programs

There are software programs available for learning any type of music or instrument you want. You can learn to play the piano without even having one. You can play the guitar without bruising your fingers on the strings – although you’d eventually have to practice on a real one.

If you have your own computer,you can install the software and practice at your leisure. No one ever has to know, unless you live with a hacker, that is. If you have to share your computer with the person you want to hide your music lessons from, no worries. There other methods you can try.

  1. Smartphone apps

Smartphone apps that teach you music are great for discretion. You can go where you can be all alone and practice because they are so portable. And smartphones are usually more private than computers. Screen size is the only major limitation, making this approach best for those who want vocal training or to learn how to read sheet music.

There are several great free smartphone apps for studying music. Those who are very serious about their training may want to go with one that has to be bought. If learning music on a smartphone is not an attractive option for you, then consider one of the following approaches.

  1. Instructors on Youtube

Music sensations come from Youtube, and so can music instructors. You can search for instructional videos about your chosen musical skill and pick up a lot of pointers that will help bring out your talents. And the great thing about using Youtube is that it’s easy to cover your tracks – it isn’t so easy for a snooping little sister to uncover your secret mission if you load the lessons in incognito.

Some other advantages of learning music through Youtube is that you can access the lessons on either smartphone and computer, giving you more flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to practice at any time and place. In fact, if you’ve got the guts for it, this method comes with an added benefit that others don’t; feedback – the details for this are covered in the next item on the list.

  1. Using Youtube to refine skill

When you’re determined to become a musical artist but everyone around you thinks that dream is farfetched, then it can be hard to get some helpful feedback. There might not be anyone you trust not to laugh, spread rumours, or otherwise undermine your raw musical genius. If that’s your situation, then building an audience on Youtube could be the best solution.

Sure, Youtube has its occasional troll. If one shows up on your channel, just take pride in knowing their little comments aren’t a reflection of your real talent. Make a video of yourself practicing and publish it. You’ll get the benefit of a worldwide audience without much risk to your local reputation – unless someone you know finds your videos, that is. Watch your audience grow along with your skill. Then, when you’re ready to pursue your music career officially, you’ll already have supporters.

All of these are ways people in Utah learn music without having to put up with the attitudes, opinions, and expectations of others. Getting access to lessons is easy. Avoiding being caught acting out one of your daydreams of stardom as you use your toothbrush as a microphone, well that might be a different story…

4 Benefits of Getting Your Children Involved in Taking Music Lessons

lt’s not uncommon for some parents to provide their kids with music lessons when they are very young. In a number of different cases, the parent may look for someone in the music field to train their children as soon as their little feet can reach the peddles of a piano. Regardless to the time frame, parents can start out as soon as the family has the time and the funds to take care of the lessons properly. While some parents may already have someone in the family that is musically inclined, others may simply want their kids to be introduced to one of the arts at an early age. So, it is also safe to say that parents who want their children to learn have multiple reasons for making sure more than one of their family members have access to music lessons in the earliest stages of their development.

That being said, any time a parent is looking to provide their children with piano lessons or another genre of music, it is important for them to know that music lessons are great for providing a child with many great benefits. Four of the most commonly known are listed below.

Benefit #1 – Music Lessons are Known for Improving and Enhancing the Development of the Brain

Based on numerous studies that relate to the effects of music on cognitive development, children who have had an opportunity to take music lessons, over a period of several years, have shown marked improvement. For instance, when a child takes music lessons, the research studies have shown that spatial-temporal reasoning skills are improved. Meaning it will enhance the child’s ability to learn both science and math as they begin to age. These kinds of lessons are also known for providing these students with the skills needed to surpass their peers in the area of reading comprehension. Because these and other skills are improved, parents and teachers can also expect these children to get further ahead in reading comprehension when they are given standardized test. In fact, there is a direct and indirect affect on the child’s abilities.

Benefit #2 – Music Lessons sets the tone for Accomplishing Goals

Another great benefit that children can take of when taking music lessons is their ability to accomplish goals. Because setting goals is a large part of making progress in any subject in school, these skills can be great for students who can apply them to other areas of their life. Typically, when the child has a passion for music and prefer to set the goals that they need to become better players, they will also learn how to establish goals to become the best by a certain time frame. In fact, these skills will inherently affect their school work and other parts of their academic lives. Goal setting is essential in virtually every area of a child life, especially since it will help them to achieve both small and large accomplishments as they begin to grow older.

  1. Self-Discipline is Developed and Utah learn Music

In order for a child to become good in this craft, they will need to carve out sometime during their day to practice. Therefore, the child will not spend all of their days playing outdoors. Instead, they will need some sort of discipline in order to practice everyday at a specific hour. With or without the help of the parent and their guidance, the child will not get very far with their music and their improvement unless that spend quality time practicing several times a week in order to coin their own craft.

  1. Music Lessons Teaches Independent and Self-Sufficiency

Once the child begins their lessons, they may or may not know how to succeed in what they do. However, when someone shows them that they can take the information that they have learned to apply it to other things that they are doing personally in the home they can become independent as they play the music by themselves. In order to excel in what the child is doing, they will need a certain amount of independence as well as confidence in doing a lot of other things on their own. Specifically, when the parents set a time that the child must follow through with their lessons in order to get the best possible benefits.

3 Ways to Keep Children Engaged in their Music Lessons

When a parent provides their children with any kind of music lessons, it is important that they understand their role in the overall process. In fact, a significant part of the parent’s responsibility is providing the opportunities and learning how to keep the child engaged as they go along. So, for those of you who are interested in knowing how to keep a child engaged in their music lessons, here’s a few tips and recommendations that you can use to keep your child engaged in their music lessons.

Start Young

Even though many adults start their first music lessons when they are much older, ideally the best time to get started is when an individual is much younger. Typically, it is during these formative years that a child’s mind is like a sponge that soaks up virtually everything that they learn, even music lessons. In fact, the passion that they feel for anything that they do can easily be taken advantage of. So, as a general rule, the timeline for learning all kinds of different things is normally sped up quite dramatically as they begin to grow. Therefore, for parents who really want their child to learn any type of musical instrument, they should plan to start early as possible. It does not matter if the child is interested in the piano, a guitar or a drum, children who learn early can reap a vast number great benefits throughout their lives. So, getting started early is one of the best ways to capture their interest and keep them engaged as they get older.

Make it Fun and Utah Learn Music Practises

After introducing the child to their first music lessons, the parent must have a plan that will help to keep the child engaged. Keeping their interest during these times may not be as simple as most parents may think so it is good to be proactive. Fortunately, parents do not have to pioneer their way through this process since other parents have had the same or similar experiences that they can share. Some of the best shared experiences can be found online. For instance, it is important that the child practices their lessons on a regular basis so that the music learning process itself will be effective. According to numerous recommendations and tips from parents who have been successful in their efforts, the child may start with private lessons so that they can receive the basics. However, after being introduced to their instruments, it is also important for them to get the benefit of playing instruments with others. Meaning the parent can get their child involved with group lessons on a regular basis so that they can begin to take interest in playing their instruments along with others. This strategy is also effective in speeding up the learning process since the comrade will also help them to acquire more skills and interest from others.

Don’t Forget to Praise Them as they Progress

Another effective way of keeping a child engaged is to ensure they are getting the appropriate praise. Learning how to do this effectively, however, is very critical to the overall experience as well. Therefore, before a parent gets started with the praise and some type of reward process, it is important that they understand in advance what works for their child best and what does not. One basic tip to remember is the praise must be genuine so that no insincerity hampers their process. For instance, the child should be encouraged to do better when they are struggling, and praised when they begin to make small and significant achievements.


As stated previously, parents have a significant role and responsibility in their child’s music lessons. Even though supplying the opportunity is the first part of their overall success, keeping them engaged is also a big role in making sure the child can achieve what they are really capable of. So, before any parent gets started with providing their children with any kind of music lessons, there are at least 3 things that they must remember in keeping them engaged, which includes capturing their attention as early as possible by introducing them to music at an early age, making the process of learning fun by ensuring that they are involved in some kind of group lessons and giving praise at the appropriate times.

Why Should I take music lessons?

Even though some people may not have a chance to take music lessons when they are young, it’s never really too late to get started. While some people may dream of becoming a famous concert pianist or a violinist that travels the world during tours, others may want to learn music for other reasons that are based on their personal preferences. Whatever the case or situation, there are many different reasons that can be very beneficial, three of the most notable and common are listed below.

Improves an individual’s Memory and Utah learn Music Practices

As people get older, their memory can begin to change. In some cases, people can even suffer from some form of memory loss. To avoid these problems, there are some important things that people can do, and one of the most effective is taking music lessons. By an individual enrolling in some form of music lessons, they can begin to sharpen their overall memory. This is because music lessons usually have a very positive effect on a person’s memory and how they learn throughout their music training process. For instance, when people begin to learn how to play an instrument like a piano or a guitar, there are a number of different things that they will need to learn by memory. Starting with the musical scale and the timing of each beat that they play, all of the basics are essential for every music student. According to information provided by scientists, they have discovered that music lessons works effectively on the left side of an individual’s brain.

Makes People Healthier

According to information published on the study of music, when an individual takes music lessons it can be very effective in making them feel much better in their bodies. This is because those that take music lessons will find that they music lessons can be very beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, depression. It is also important to note that music lessons will also help the elderly to avoid the long spans of loneliness. Specifically, because music is known for stimulating both the person’s immune system, while it also helps improving their overall health. So, for those of you who want something to do that can assist you with cooling down and soothing your frazzled nerves after a very eventful stressful day, all you have to do is pick up your string instrument and learn how to play. In fact, most professional musicians will advocate and recommend music lessons for those who have stressful lifestyles.

Pulls an Individual out of a rut

Sometimes it is difficult to be motivated when a person is working on long extended project or in job positions that causes them to be burn out. Or, life itself can also bring a lot of unnecessary problems that may cause an individual to become filled with all kinds of different anxiety that stops them completely in their tracks. Whatever the reason, people can have a difficult time trying to pull themselves out of a huge rut. Fortunately, during these times, there are some things that people can do to combat their problems. One of the most commonly known and helpful involves taking music lessons. This is because when a person takes music lessons they are not only effective for help people to feel as if they are making some kind of new achievement, but also fun when a person is playing with others musicians who know their craft.

There are many different reasons to take music lessons today. This is why these lessons are highly recommended by people in the industry as well as those who have completed scientific studies. Specifically, scientific studies that relate to music lessons and the overall affect that it has on both the young and old. Therefore, when an individual takes music lessons there are some common things that they can expect including improving their overall memory as they grow older. Music lessons are also beneficial in assisting an individual with feeling much better since it reduces stress and other kinds of difficulties that people experience in life. It is also important to note that taking music lessons is ideal for helping to pull and individual out of a rut, especially when they feel as if they are burnt out due to long stressful projects or difficult job positions.

3 Benefits Of Music School

Most higher education programs are a great investment. However,people are are musically gifted don’t always do their best in an environment which has been set up like high school or college curriculum. People who excel in these areas tend to do better in places in which they feel inspired and creative.That’s why in most cases music school is ideal.

Of course there is always a pro and con to every situation. So before you write your check for your first year to a major instiuition, it is worth thinking about some of the many reasons why you should consider enrolling into a full-blown music school. If you live in Utah learning music can be very beneficial. Let’s take a moment to discuss some of the biggest benefits.

Lessons Go Far Beyond The Actual Music

Sure, you will spend most of your day holding an instrument in your hand but music is not the only thing that you will learn at music school. If there is one thing music school has in common with the more traditional learning institutions, it is the relationships that you will create with the other students, your teachers as well as the community that exists around the school that you choose.

From the moment you step into that environment to the time you leave, you realize that it is your job to get things going; no one will give you anything–you have to earn it. And with this realization will come the necessity to network, to sell your skills and ability, to rise to every challenge that is thrown your way and create opportunities that don’t exist. In other words, music school is much like the real world. If you do well, then you will walk away with great life skills that you will be able to use far beyond your musical career. And this will come in handy when you find yourself in touch situations where you need to be able to fend for yourself.

You Will Become Completely Immersed

Anyone who has ever tried to learn a foreign language knows that it can be difficult to learn if you have no one around who speaks the language. If you want to become fluent, then you need to be completely surrounded with native speakers. The same applies for music. If you want to do well in music, then you are going to need complete and total immersion. Sure, you could practice part time, but it will take much longer to achieve your goals.

When you attend music school, you will find that it is much like it’s own planet. Most of the students who are interested in having a professional music career will often eat, breath and sleep music. They practice pretty much around the clock. If you choose the right school you will find that you are enveloped by encouragement, challenged by a lot of competition and you get to share the stage with the up and coming influentials in the music field. When your life is clear of all of the distractions, this will allow you to put all of your focus on perfecting your craft. You also get the chance to gain exposure from a willing and knowledgeable audience.

You Can Pass On What You’ve Learned

Not everyone will travel the same path when they leave music school. Some will go on to become composers. Some will produce and write music. Others will become singers and become national recording artists. And there are some who choose to become music teachers themselves–maybe even for the same school they attended.

The music business can be very tough. But it is not all about performing. Someone needs to be there to assist the next generation of young artists find their place. And if you feel that you owe alow of what you’ve learned to your mentors, then you may choose to become an instructor.

Whatever you do, make sure you give the advantages some deep thought and research. Talk to people who have gone to music school. Visit some of you top schools, search for a lot of information online and then have a heart-to-heart with some of your closest family members. If you live in Utah learning music can be a rewarding ambition.