4 Ways People in Utah Learn Music in Secret


In days where just about anyone has a chance to be discovered on YouTube, dreams of being the next big rockstar are more realistic than ever. The success of American Idol and similar shows is defines a new era in which the power to achieve star status has been granted to the average person – that is, if they have the skills and can put up with flak from judges like Simon.

Those who have enough drive can overcome the naysayers, tell the ‘haters’ where to go, wow the audience, and win. Still, not everybody makes it. Although access to opportunity is now freely given, nothing has changed about the fact that success in music requires skill. After all, you wouldn’t want to be yet another music star exposed by the paparazzi for lip syncing, right?

Improving skill is another thing that has become easier in modern times. If your parents think you should stick to getting a ‘day job’ and the dog howls whenever he hears you sing, you can do something about it – and you can do it in private so as to avoid being patronized about it. Imagine their surprise when your vocal talents make even Adele seem like yesterday’s news.

4 Ways People in Utah Learn Music in Secret:

  1. Software programs

There are software programs available for learning any type of music or instrument you want. You can learn to play the piano without even having one. You can play the guitar without bruising your fingers on the strings – although you’d eventually have to practice on a real one.

If you have your own computer,you can install the software and practice at your leisure. No one ever has to know, unless you live with a hacker, that is. If you have to share your computer with the person you want to hide your music lessons from, no worries. There other methods you can try.

  1. Smartphone apps

Smartphone apps that teach you music are great for discretion. You can go where you can be all alone and practice because they are so portable. And smartphones are usually more private than computers. Screen size is the only major limitation, making this approach best for those who want vocal training or to learn how to read sheet music.

There are several great free smartphone apps for studying music. Those who are very serious about their training may want to go with one that has to be bought. If learning music on a smartphone is not an attractive option for you, then consider one of the following approaches.

  1. Instructors on Youtube

Music sensations come from Youtube, and so can music instructors. You can search for instructional videos about your chosen musical skill and pick up a lot of pointers that will help bring out your talents. And the great thing about using Youtube is that it’s easy to cover your tracks – it isn’t so easy for a snooping little sister to uncover your secret mission if you load the lessons in incognito.

Some other advantages of learning music through Youtube is that you can access the lessons on either smartphone and computer, giving you more flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to practice at any time and place. In fact, if you’ve got the guts for it, this method comes with an added benefit that others don’t; feedback – the details for this are covered in the next item on the list.

  1. Using Youtube to refine skill

When you’re determined to become a musical artist but everyone around you thinks that dream is farfetched, then it can be hard to get some helpful feedback. There might not be anyone you trust not to laugh, spread rumours, or otherwise undermine your raw musical genius. If that’s your situation, then building an audience on Youtube could be the best solution.

Sure, Youtube has its occasional troll. If one shows up on your channel, just take pride in knowing their little comments aren’t a reflection of your real talent. Make a video of yourself practicing and publish it. You’ll get the benefit of a worldwide audience without much risk to your local reputation – unless someone you know finds your videos, that is. Watch your audience grow along with your skill. Then, when you’re ready to pursue your music career officially, you’ll already have supporters.

All of these are ways people in Utah learn music without having to put up with the attitudes, opinions, and expectations of others. Getting access to lessons is easy. Avoiding being caught acting out one of your daydreams of stardom as you use your toothbrush as a microphone, well that might be a different story…